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The Blogger Backup utility is intended to be a simple utility to backup to local disk your Blogger posts.

Using the GData C# Library, the utility will walk backward in time, from your latest post to your last, saving each post to a local Atom/XML file.

Download the latest version from the Releases page.

If you find a bug/issue and create a new Issue, please take a screenshot of the application, zip up the logs (Help/View Logs) and attach it with your Issue. This will help me (and thereby help you) in a number of ways (version number confirmation, seeing what you're seeing, etc, etc.) Thank you.

Here are the Screenshots (Updated with release)

And the Release History

v1.0.9.23 Beta Release (4/2/2008 6:00AM PDT)

This is a minor, just one, bug fix release

Updated to fix a bug where if a previously backed up post did not have a title node, then it couldn't be restored (it would error on the attempt).

Now you should be able to restore them with no problems (but of course with no title either)

v1.0.9.22 Beta Release (1/26/2008 3:00PM PST)

Related Blog Post

This is a major bug fix and feature addition release.

The major new feature is that it now grabs the actual/real blogger feed URL thereby avoiding any Feedburner redirection issues... Please there's now private feed support, and tons and tons of bug fixes.

Updated to clean up the initial behavior, when creating "new settings" on the first load.

Now it will not prompt you to save the settings if you haven't made any changes.
For example, you start the new version and then File/Open your existing BBSettings file.
This version will not ask you to save your previous settings, which are empty, before opening that file.

Updated to better handle errors during the "Getting next chunk,..." process

Fixed a bug where the retry wasn't happening.

Added more error logging to the Backing Up Posts process

Fixed bug with a blog entry not having a "Post" field.

Updated to use a better method of getting the blog URL when using the "Get Feed URL" button.

Some Posts No Longer Have Title Elements (Blogger Issue)

Fixed an error that would occur when determing a post file name if there was no "title" element in the post's atom XML.
If no title is found, "NoTitle-" + Published date is used (NoTitle-20061204102200)

This used to work fine, but something seems to have changed on the Blogger side of the world.

When I look at the "NoTitle..." posts from my blog, they DON'T have "official" title's anymore.
But I have old backups of those posts and they DID have title's... At least then they did then...

When I go to the raw "self" feed for a post (say href="") there's no title there anymore either.

So the GData.Net library is not broken, Blogger is.


Added an override to override Published dates for restored posts (Work Item #13734)

Updated dates cannot be overridden...

Fixed bug where the Restore form could be "Ok"'d without entering a password.

When selecting files to restore, ".Comment.XML" are filtered out (since comment restore is not yet supported). (Work Item #12969)

Updated to restore labels/categories when restoring posts. (Work Item #13628)

Updated to restore labels/categories when restoring posts.

Changed Comment URL calculation to handle Service.Post feeds

Updated the GData.Net (Google Data API for .NET) library to the latest release version (

Moved to VS2008 Development environment

Added a manifest (for Vista... not required, but VS2008 made it easy...)

Added additional error checking and logging to the Custom Path Builder process

Updated to use the Service.Post URL (if available) instead of the ServiceFeed (aka Alternate) (Work Item #11853)

This was done to avoid/resolve FeedBurner redirection issues.

ServiceFeed (aka Alternate) feed would be something like (previously used)
Service.Post feed would be something like

The Service.Post feed can be manually seen via the Blog's header ("view source"), Link element with the rel="" attribute.

Added a "Get Feed URL" button to "Manually add a Blogger blog" on the Blog List form

Changed the "Custom Path Builder" button caption to "Backup File Naming" (Work Item #12690)

Change the title of the "Path Builder" form to "Backup File Naming Options" (Work Item #12690)

Made the default size of the "Backup File Naming Options" form smaller. (Work Item #12690)

Now the last used/selected Blog in the Available Blogs list will be remembered and restored. (Work Item #12689)

Updated to support for private, non-feed publishing blogs.

This will require the user to log into Blogger though...

Added a Right-Click Edit feature to the Blog List form

Now you can edit existing blog list items

Added "Log into Blogger when backing up this feed" checkbox to the Blog List form, Manual tab

With this you can indicate that you want to log into Blogger when backing up the selected Blog

Future Plans

  • Add comment restore
  • Add additional output formats (HTML, PDF, WordML, etc) in either unformated/raw and "As it looks like on the blog" versions
  • Add picture back up

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