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Instructions on installing/using Blogger Backup?

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Sep 25, 2007 at 3:53 PM
I am testing blogger backup and plan to write about it in my blog as soon as I figure it all out. But I write my blog for users, not developers (and I am not a whiz developer either). So I was wondering if there was something somewhere that explained to a non-developer blogger how to get blogger backup up and running? And especially, what needs to be installed before you can use it (like .net stuff)

And the help in Blogger Backup doesn't explain how to use it. Granted, it seems self-explanatory, but to someone who just blogs, they would need additional help if they didn't understand something. It's a good tool and very helpful, but needs to be a little more user-friendly.

Sep 26, 2007 at 1:08 AM
Good suggestions, thanks...

This project is a "work of love" done in my spare time because I had thousands of posts and was scared that I couldn't back them up. So I wrote a utility to do that. Then I figured other people may also like the utility... So I created this project and released it here.

I'm continuing to improve it, responding to requests and such. There's a great deal I'd like to add yet, major functionality that would quickly invalidate any "help".

But I hear ya.... Being a developer and the one who coded it, I can sometimes overlook how it looks and is used by others. My bad.

What I'll do is add a couple simple pages to this site, one for requirements & installation notes and one for basic usage. That will be pretty easy and a good starting point... I'll hack those out this weekend or so (depends on work... I'm currently stuck in a work cycle from hell and haven't had much "spare time" to work on "my" stuff)

Anyway thanks again for your suggestions and supportive comments,