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Restore from one blog to another is not working

May 17, 2008 at 1:19 PM
Is it possible to restore a blogger blog from one large XML file or 50 per day to another blog?

I have tried everything, and it keeps saying my credentials are not right, when I know they are.
May 17, 2008 at 2:58 PM
a) Restoring from a Single XML file (All posts one XML file) is not supported in 1.0.x. (It's coming in 1.5 though). For 1.0.x you need to backup to One Post per XML file.

b) Backing up from one blog and restoring it to another should work (that's how I do my testing, backing up my main blog and restoring to a different test blog)

To help me troubleshoot this, I'll need some information (please email the below info and stuff to me at gduncan411 at hotmail com)
1) What OS are you using?
2) What region/language is your OS running under?
3) Is your OS or system "Different" in any way?
4) What version of the application are you using?
5) Is your Google ID and Password "different" in any way? (I don't want your UserID/password, but are you using any unusual characters in it? Or is straight letters and numbers?)
6) Can you include a screenshot of the error?
7) Can you zip up the application logs and include those? (Go to the Help menu, select View Application Logs, zip up the files in that folder)
8) Can you include your BBSettings file?