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Release History

v1.0.9.23 Beta Release (4/2/2008 6:00AM PDT)

This is a minor, just one, bug fix release

Updated to fix a bug where if a previously backed up post did not have a title node, then it couldn't be restored (it would error on the attempt).

Now you should be able to restore them with no problems (but of course with no title either)

v1.0.9.22 Beta Release (1/26/2008 3:00PM PST)

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This is a major bug fix and feature addition release.

The major new feature is that it now grabs the actual/real blogger feed URL thereby avoiding any Feedburner redirection issues... Please there's now private feed support, and tons and tons of bug fixes.

Updated to clean up the initial behavior, when creating "new settings" on the first load.

Now it will not prompt you to save the settings if you haven't made any changes.
For example, you start the new version and then File/Open your existing BBSettings file.
This version will not ask you to save your previous settings, which are empty, before opening that file.

Updated to better handle errors during the "Getting next chunk,..." process

Fixed a bug where the retry wasn't happening.

Added more error logging to the Backing Up Posts process

Fixed bug with a blog entry not having a "Post" field.

Updated to use a better method of getting the blog URL when using the "Get Feed URL" button.

Some Posts No Longer Have Title Elements (Blogger Issue)

Fixed an error that would occur when determing a post file name if there was no "title" element in the post's atom XML.
If no title is found, "NoTitle-" + Published date is used (NoTitle-20061204102200)

This used to work fine, but something seems to have changed on the Blogger side of the world.

When I look at the "NoTitle..." posts from my blog, they DON'T have "official" title's anymore.
But I have old backups of those posts and they DID have title's... At least then they did then...

When I go to the raw "self" feed for a post (say href="") there's no title there anymore either.

So the GData.Net library is not broken, Blogger is.


Added an override to override Published dates for restored posts (Work Item #13734)

Updated dates cannot be overridden...

Fixed bug where the Restore form could be "Ok"'d without entering a password.

When selecting files to restore, ".Comment.XML" are filtered out (since comment restore is not yet supported). (Work Item #12969)

Updated to restore labels/categories when restoring posts. (Work Item #13628)

Updated to restore labels/categories when restoring posts.

Changed Comment URL calculation to handle Service.Post feeds

Updated the GData.Net (Google Data API for .NET) library to the latest release version (

Moved to VS2008 Development environment

Added a manifest (for Vista... not required, but VS2008 made it easy...)

Added additional error checking and logging to the Custom Path Builder process

Updated to use the Service.Post URL (if available) instead of the ServiceFeed (aka Alternate) (Work Item #11853)

This was done to avoid/resolve FeedBurner redirection issues.

ServiceFeed (aka Alternate) feed would be something like (previously used)
Service.Post feed would be something like

The Service.Post feed can be manually seen via the Blog's header ("view source"), Link element with the rel="" attribute.

Added a "Get Feed URL" button to "Manually add a Blogger blog" on the Blog List form

Changed the "Custom Path Builder" button caption to "Backup File Naming" (Work Item #12690)

Change the title of the "Path Builder" form to "Backup File Naming Options" (Work Item #12690)

Made the default size of the "Backup File Naming Options" form smaller. (Work Item #12690)

Now the last used/selected Blog in the Available Blogs list will be remembered and restored. (Work Item #12689)

Updated to support for private, non-feed publishing blogs.

This will require the user to log into Blogger though...

Added a Right-Click Edit feature to the Blog List form

Now you can edit existing blog list items

Added "Log into Blogger when backing up this feed" checkbox to the Blog List form, Manual tab

With this you can indicate that you want to log into Blogger when backing up the selected Blog

v1.0.7.16 Beta Release (8/11/2007 8:30AM PDT)

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The way settings are saved was totally reworked from the ground up (Work Item #12082)

Settings are now saved via a "normal" process, via a stand alone, single file called by default BloggerBackup.BBSettings. File/Open, File/New, File/Save, File/Save As menu items have been added as well.

This means you can now save your settings in the location that makes sense to you. There is no more hidden, magical, registry or isolated storage being used. It's all in the one BBSettings file.

This also means you can backup your BBSettings, use them on different machines, etc.

Also each blog now has it's own group of settings withing the BBSettings file. So for one of your blogs you can choose to backup comments, whereas on another you can choose to NOT backup comments. Or for one blog you can save the files in a single ATOM file, and on another you can save them as "one file per post." Each blog has its own settings...

The Blogger Password IS NOT saved in the BBSettings file. Nor is it saved in any other location on the computer. The WebProxy Password IS saved in the BBSettings file, but is encrypted using Microsoft's Data Protection API.

The method of selecting blogs has been reworked from the ground up (Work Item #12081)

You can, optionally log in once, to build and cache your list of blogs, or you can manually enter the Blogger blog URLs.

Meaning you don't have to login at all to backup your blog.

This was added to help eliminate security concerns as well as work around any issues logging into Blogger via the Utility/GData (i.e. Work Item #Can't retrieve posts and Work Item #Error when trying to connect to blogger.)

This also means that if you have a number of Blogger accounts, each with their own Blog's, you can add them all to the Blogger Backup blog List and easily back them up.

PLEASE NOTE: The Blogger Backup utility uses (and has always used) your Public Feed to backup your posts.
If your feeds are off, then nothing can be backed up.
If your feeds are set to Summary, then only those Summary feeds will be backed up.
If your feeds are being redirected through FeedBurner, and you have post "flare" turned on (i.e. "email this", etc added by FeedBurner to the bottom of your posts), then that flare will be included in the backup (fyi, I have already added a work item to add an option to strip out that flare)

I am also looking into providing support for private feed backup support (but that will require you to log in to backup your blog...)

Also Restoring Posts of course still requires you to log in...

Double left clicking on the Processing Results list will open the selected file

If you're backing up in the "One file per post" mode, when you double click on a Post title in the "Processed posts" list the given post will be opened in what ever program is configured to open *.XML files (i.e. Internet Explorer, etc)

Updated the GData.Net (Google Data API for .NET) library to the latest release version (

Added Log4Net logging

Logging is on by default and for all levels.
No sensitive information (i.e. password) is meant to be logged. BUT since errors/exceptions are logged, and I'm not in control of all of those, I cannot guarantee that those exceptions will not include sensitive information.

By default the logs will be created in your Application Data folder and be called ApplicationLog.txt.
The logs are "rolling", meaning each time you start the program, you get a fresh new log file. Only the most recent 5 historical logs are saved (for a total of 6 log files, the current log and 5 historical logs)

A Help/View Logs menu item has been added to open the folder where the logs are...

v1.0.5.14 Beta Release (7/21/2007 1:15PM PDT) (Now with limited Restore Capability!)

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Added Restore Post Feature (Work Item #11531)

Now you can selectively restore previously backed up posts
This is feature, like the rest of the app, is in beta testing (i.e. once it hits the public, I'm sure people are going to find issues/bugs/etc)

Only "One Post per File" backups are currently supported.

PLEASE NOTE: Blogger has a 50 Posts Per Day limit.
Meaning you will only be able to post a maximum of 50 posts a day to a blog. Total. This is a Google/Blogger limitation.
No errors that I can catch will occur, once you hit the 50 limit, the posts will just not appear in the blog.

To try to help you track the number of posts you've restored on a given day, a Restored Posts count is tracked.

Also where possible I try to warn you when you've hit the 50 post a day limit...

Added the underscore "_" character as a built-in post naming option (Work Item #11840)

Added the Post's page URL as a Post Naming option (Work Item #11841)

If the post's complete URL is

Then the page URL "ThisisaBlogPost" is the value used for this new Post Naming option.

v1.0.4.10 Beta Released (7/14/2007 12:25PM PDT)

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Added new Custom Path Builder feature

Now you can create the folder structure and post file names that best suit you.

It will default to Backup Folder\Blog Title\PublishedDate(ISO8601 YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS formatted)"-"PostTitle.XML (pretty much the way it was before).

But now YOU can tweak that path to best fit your style and needs.

Want to store each year's posts in a different subfolder?
Want to store each month's posts in a different subfolder?
Want to reverse that and store it my month/year?

Done, done, done.

Want to change the post file name? Say only using the post title?
Or Year-Month-PostTitle?
Or only use the ISO8601 date (YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS - 20070707T081012)?
Want to use custom static text value?

Done, done, done, done.

Want to use Updated dates instead of Published dates?


Want to play around and see how the different options will effect the final names?


Again, the new path build is meant to allow you the all the flexibility you may need or want.

This is the first time I've built something like this, so please bear with me as I may tweak it in future versions...

Removed "Add blog title to folder" feature

Built into the new Path Builder functionality

V1.0.3.8 Beta Released (7/8/2007 9:45AM PDT)

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Another bug fix release...

Fixed bug where backing up wouldn't ever stop if a blog had a multiple of 25 posts (25, 100, 350, etc) (Work Item #11588)

Fixed bug where the "Get only the most recent ### posts" feature was also broken. (Work Item #11593)

Now when the "Backup Posts" button is clicked the Backed Up count (the number at the bottom right) in the status bar is cleared.

V1.0.2.7 Beta Released (7/6/2007 4:35PM PDT)

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This is a bug fix version that addresses a couple bugs...

Fixed bug where you couldn't "Stop" in the middle of the "Error looking for comments, retrying.." loop (Work Item #11570)

Now if Stop is pressed, and the app is in the retrying comments loop, it will now exit/stop processing correctly.

Fixed bug where you couldn't "Stop" in the middle of the ""Error getting next chunk, retrying.." loop

Now if Stop is pressed, and the app is in the retrying get next chunk loop, it will now exit/stop processing correctly.

Updated the "Add blog title to folder" feature to better remove characters that are invalid for a folder name

V1.0.1.6 Beta Released (5/20/2007 3:09PM PDT)

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Removed "Blogger 2.0 (Old Blogger)" as an option

Added "Only new posts since" feature

Using this to get the posts posted between now and the given date

Changed form/control layout

Added an initial "All Posts since last backup" type of feature

Now the newest/latest Post's date is saved when backing up.
The next time that blog is selected; the "Only new posts since" fields will be populated with that date/time.

Fixed a bug in the "Safe Name" function, where it wouldn't work after creating a "0001" named file.

So after saving a same-named post for the third time, the application would appear to freeze up.
Stupid location of a Dim was the cause (Note to Self, Dim/initialize an incrementing variable OUTSIDE the loop ... sigh...)

Added more reliable Comment saving.

Added retries and cleaned up the code a little to try to make comment saving more reliable.

V1.0.0.5 Alpha Released (4/21/2007 3:09PM PDT)

Added "Maximum Entries Per File" option

When backing up post to a single file, this option will let you "batch" them into groups.
Setting "Maximum Entries Per File" to 250 when using the "Atom Combined" format means that the a given combined XML file will only have 250 posts in and and additional files added as needed.
For example, if you have 397 posts in your blog, and your max is set to 250, you will get two files. The first with 250 posts and the second with the remainder...

Updated to remember and restore main form size and position

Upgraded/replaced the gdata.dll with the latest release of google.gdata.client.dll(

Added error handling to better deal with timeout issues when getting the get batch of posts.

Updated Blogger root URL, Replacing "Blogger 3.0 (Beta)" with "Blogger 3.0" and "Blogger 2.0" with "Blogger 2.0 (Old Blogger)"

Updated to support saving of comments from Blogger 3/(Beta) blogs

Blogger 2 does not support the extraction of comments...

Comments currently always save a separate Atom 1.0 files no matter the selected "save posts as(format)" option

Added "Save posts as(format)" option

This is the beginning of support for saving the posts in different formats.

Atom Single (one file per post)
Atom Combined(all posts in one file)
(Pending) BlogML Combined(all posts in one file)
(Pending) HTML Single
(Pending) HTML Combined
(Possible) Open XML/WordML (Office 2007) Single Require .Net 3 be installed
(Possible) Open XML/WordML (Office 2007) Combined Require .Net 3 be installed
(Possible) PDF Single
(Possible) PDF Combined
(Possible) MHTML
etc, etc.

This feature needs some major rework and needs a provider/plugin model.

Fixed bug where Latest 50 & Latest 100 stopped after only getting the latest 25

Added Version Number to main form's title text

This was done to make it very easy to see what version is being run.

V1.0.0.2 Alpha Released (11/23/2006 8:20PM PST)

Added Tools/Options Menu

Added Options Dialog (screenshots at the bottom of the page)

Added support for web proxies

Implemented web proxy support in GData

Updated to better handle File Path's & Names that exceed MAX_PATH

File names are now truncated, if need be.

V1.0.0.1 Alpha Released (11/22/2006 11:50AM PST)

Fixed Blogger 3/Beta issue.

Now works with both Blogger 2 and Blogger 3

Added Release History text file and related Help menu item

Added "Append Blog Title to Backup Path" option, defaulted as true/on.

This will add an additional folder level, named based on the given blog's title.

Updated descriptive label text, changing case, etc.

Updated tab order

Swaped positions of "Get only the most recent:" and "Overwrite existing backups?"

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